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In the beginning...... before there were laws to regulate our sport
The five original falconers in Georgia.
Standing: Don Ball, Kneeling left to right: Tim Dobbs, Don Nixon, Joel Volpi, Malcolm Edwards
The early falconers were avid hunters. We continue that tradition today.
After the law - 1973
13 early falconers in Georgia. They all took their falconry test the same day. Malcom Edwards, Chris Dugan, Don Ball, Greg Dobbs, Don Nixon, Jim McCain, Mike Howell, and Ed Scruggs are some of the early ones. They formed the Georgia Game Hawkers. Do you recognize any of them in the above photo?
 Our 2001/2002 cover of the Blue Darter commemorates and honors the memory of the patriarch of Georgia Falconry, the late Malcolm G. Edwards. Malcolm was a friend and mentor to many of the practicing falconers in our state today. His years of devotion to the sport are well documented in his service as Southeastern Director of NAFA. On the local level Malcolm helped Georgia adopt falconry regulations that continue to benefit us today. His vision and concern for the survival of falconry in Georgia in the early days of federal and state regulation helped promulgate the first falconry club in our state, the Georgia Game Hawking Club. This club eventually evolved into the present Georgia Falconry Association. As a NAFA official and strong advocate of breeder's ownership of falconry offspring, Malcolm was on the front lines, helping establish the right of ownership and sales of birds of prey for falconry purposes. Malcolm was a gentleman, sportsman and conservationist who has left an indelible mark on those who practice the sport of falconry in our region and nation.

Joel Volpi


The Malcolm Edwards Award for Outstanding Service

The Malcolm Edwards Award for Outstanding Service is awarded in recognition of Service and Dedication to the Georgia Falconry Association.

Recipients are:

Joel Volpi

Steven Hein

Dana Hardy

Don Ball (Honorary Lifetime Member)

Historical Events
1975 - Georgia Game Hawkers
1985 - Name changed to Georgia Falconry Association 
2001 - Incorporated as The Georgia Falconry Association
2001 - The Georgia Falconry Association becomes Non-profit
Past Presidents
Don Ball (GGH)
Malcolm Edwards (GGH)
Roy Crowe
Jerry Gafford
Joel Volpi
Roy Lee DeWitt - 2001
Murray Gaskin - 2005
Joey Seabolt - 2005-2018
Donna Blanton - 2018

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