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Georgia Wildlife Federation
Atlanta Buckarama 2005
Hours needed
Atlanta Expo Center

I-285 and Jonesboro Rd, Exit 55. First drive inside the perimeter. Parking free.

Aug. 4-7
Dale Arrowood






The GFA will have a booth at this years Buckarama. We are obligated to maintain this booth each day and need your assistance in this. If you are available to man the booth, hand out our brochures or bring your hawk (guidelines below) please contact Dale Arrowood.
See dates and contact information above.

You will be asked to agree to and sign the following rules before manning our booth:

1. You must keep your bird in the general area of our booth. No walking around with your bird in the aisles.

2. Clean up mutes while they are fresh. (Someone will have to clean them up before the show is over.)

3. Birds must be tied to your glove by the leash or clipped and leashed while at the booth.

4. Do not allow another falconer to handle your bird unless they have signed this agreement.

5. Never attempt to demonstrate how tame your bird is.

6. ABSOLUTELY NEVER ALLOW spectators to touch or handle your bird or approach close enough to be footed or bitten. Maintain a safe distance from the public at all times.

7. Maintain a safe distance from other falconers and their birds.

8. Never leave your bird unattended.

9. Do not let the public get behind your birds.

I agree to follow the above rules for the safety of our guest and other birds.


Printable copy. Please print, sign and bring with you to the event.

A Note from our event coordinator Dale Arrowood

Just a quick note to thank those who participated in the 2005 Buckarama. This years event was attended by thousands of outdoorsman from all over the state and a large portion stopped by our booth to visit. We received very positive feedback from those who attended and also educated a few more. People are just unaware how beautiful our birds are until they see them up close. Maybe that will keep a few from getting shot by uneducated outdoorsman in the future. I would like to personally thank those who volunteered their time and took time away from their families to make our booth a success. I would also like to thank those that expressed interest but could not help out due to scheduling conflicts. I hope everyone is almost through the molt and getting ready for the next adventure. Keep them flying and thanks again!



Pictures from the 2005 Buckarama


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