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Mini Meets

Mini meets are local meets provided by individual members. Often a falconer from one area of the state would like to meet other falconers, see other types of birds flown, hunt different game or find more abundant game but does not know who to contact. GFA will list any mini meet a member would like to announce. Mini meets do not have to be big or well attended. Two or three falconers could have a mini meet. If you have a Mini meet you would like to list contact the Webmaster. Please take into consideration GFA annual events when scheduling and provide the necessary information as early as possible. Consider having your mini meet on a certain weekend annually so more falconers can plan to attend

There will be a mini-meet held at Joe Kurz WMA on the weekend of Nov 21, 22, 23, 2014. The fox squirrels are plentiful, and there is a big nice primitive campground. There are NO showers or restrooms. We had 6 of us last year, and had a great time. Come join us!

If you need further information, please contact Mike Cilibrasi at 678-572-9191.


Pictures from Waverly Hall Meet - Feb 2010
Ronnie and his wife
One of the morning groups
Ross Spafford and Jordan Turner
Jim Blackwell
Sean Sterling and Jim Blackwell
Jordan Turner
A four-legged helper
Now where is that squirrel?
Sean Sterling
Larry's bird, Shylo, with squirrel
Larry making in to Shylo
A little assistance
Alan "Smokey" Drury and Steve Hoddy
Shylo watching for a squirrel
Tuckered out
Meal time
Ronnie and Smokey's Merlin
Luke's Pub
A full plate
luke's Pub
Sean Sterling
Avery Sterling
The Camp
The Wildlife Cafe
The Outhouse
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