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This is the place for falconry/hawking-related tales and/or pictures you would like to share. Send stories and pictures to webmaster and they will be shared with the world.


Griff Lindsey and his 1357-gram girl trapped in Houston County September 7, 2013. Before we could get turned around she hit the trap even though she had a full crop and was caught by the time we could get to
her. I think Griff was a little disappointed that it happened so fast and he didn't get to see her go for the trap. But, the smile says it all!

Bill Mixon, Greg Ames and Phil Stoddard trapped this 1505 gram monster near Cartersville.  Bill asked that I include him in the credits as the purveyor of Mixon's Fine Hawk Trapping Mojo  (patent pending).
Greg Ames' Kestrel. Trapped 12/5/10.
Brian Kurtzman's Kestrel, Li'l Wayne.
Byron Hicks and his 1065-gram bird trapped on Wednesday, Sept 22.

Byron's bird says "Don't you mess with me!"

Two for one!!
Greg Ames threw a trap on a bird Sept 5th in Emerson, Georgia. It came, then a second came to the trap and he caught them both.
Phil Stoddard with a 1159-gram female in the sock. Trapped on Friday, Sept 3rd in Emerson, Georgia.
Phil and his girl, Aly, at home
Jordan Turner's bird, Hawkeye with squirrel caught 2/7/10
Larry's Redtail, Shylo with 2lb, 5oz Fox squirrel she caught Sunday afternoon, January 31st. 2010
Catch for the day - Jan 31st 2010
Buster and Sandy's Harris', Rico with rabbit caught Saturday, January 23rd 2010
I believe that rabbit's bigger than Rico! Jan 23rd 2010
Back home with the catch. Jan 23rd 2010
Thom Bardugon with a 5 1/2 # bunny caught by Amelia, Thom's 2 1/2 # FRT on Sunday, Jan 3rd..
No, Amelia didn't attack Thom's face! She slammed the bunny in a huge briar patch and Thom had to go in after her. So the story is that the briars did it.

Stuart Barrow and Sapphira with first kill.

Stuart and Sapphira with a large swamp rabbit. It went for a swim in a creek with Sapphira hanging on. I wonder if she drowned it?
Lara and Beau (860 grams) and Cane Cutter (2100 grams). That's a big rabbit for one little male RT to handle!
Smokey and Katy with her first Fox squirrel, a 2lb, 9 oz trophy caught in Laurens County Saturday, Oct 11, 2008. To say Smokey was happy is an understatement!
Thomas Bardugon and "Meyers" with 41/2 # Cane Cutter in the bag. Didn't have to worry about a carry on that one!
Thom and Meyers
Bill Mixon's bird, Duke, caught it's first cottontail and a squirrel within an hour on Saturday, January 26th. Way to go, Bill and Duke!
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